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Visiting Northbound Cannabis Co. will be a cannabis experience like none before. Our hand selected experienced product advisors come with extensive training to be able to provide you with the proper education you deserve. We have designed a private consultation suite where you have access to our trained advisors in a one-on-one setting. Whether you are embarking on your cannabis journey or you’re experienced and want to take it to the next level. Take advantage of the ability to ask all your burning questions away from the sales floor.

  • Private and confidential

    One-on-one with an experienced advisor in our private and cozy lounge area

  • Personalized recommendations

    Perfect place to explain your lifestyle, and figure out the role cannabis could play in it

  • At your own pace

    No pressure from the busy sales floor. This is a place to take your time and make the right decisions by learning more about the cannabis world

The first time I visited the consultation suite I was blown away. I actually booked another appointment so I could bring my parents. Carrigan was so knowledgeable, we learnt a lot!
— Tristan K.

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Whether you want to come solo, grab a friend or family member, the Northbound Product Advisors would love to sit down with you to talk about all things cannabis.

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