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Extracts (also known as concentrates) is actually an umbrella term for the variety of products that can be produced when cannabis flower is processed into a concentrated form. These products can come in liquid or solid form, such as cannabis oil, hash, vape cartridge liquid, shatter, wax, resins, rosins, kief and tinctures, and are either ingested or inhaled.

The process for creating extracts varies depending on the intended finished product, but the basic goal is to isolate and remove the cannabinoids and terpenes. During the concentration process, dried or fresh cannabis plants can be sifted; exposed to heat or extreme cold, gas (such as carbon dioxide), a solvent, another oil or a combination of these; or further refined using ethanol. Extracts contain much higher concentrations of cannabinoids than the raw plant – THC content can be as high as 90%.


  • Depending on their form, extracts can be a smoke-free alternative to consuming dried cannabis
  • Extracts can contain a very high concentration of THC, these forms of consumption tend to be for the more advanced cannabis user
  • Smoking extracts is often considered smoother / less harsh than dried flower and typically produces less odour
  • Feel its effects almost instantaneously